I’ll guide you through the entire process

My mission is to be more than just someone behind the camera. I am here to be your guide throughout the entire process, from the moment we first connect to the delivery of your final photographs. I understand that being in front of the camera can feel intimidating or unfamiliar for some clients, and that's where I come in. From the initial consultation, I will take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and any concerns you might have. During the photo session, I'll provide gentle direction and en

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How do I book a photo session with you?

First, check out my website to see if you feel we're a perfect match. If you think we are, just fill out the contact form, and I'll get back to you ASAP. Then, I'll send you the contract and the invoice for a non-refundable retainer fee (30%). Once that's taken care of, we're all set and ready to go! Can't wait to capture some amazing moments together!

Do you have experience working with clients who are camera-shy or not used to being photographed?

Many of my clients mention they feel a bit uneasy in front of the camera, but fear not—I've got your back! My sessions are all about capturing those genuine moments, so I want you to simply be yourself and enjoy the time with your loved ones. No need to stare at my lenses or anything like that. When we're surrounded by the people we love, that's when we feel the most at ease, and that's exactly what we want to capture! So, just relax and let those natural, heartfelt moments unfold. You'll see, the results will be simply amazing!

How long does it take to receive the final photos?

For a regular session, you can expect your gallery to be ready in about two weeks. Now, when it comes to weddings, it usually takes around 20 days. But hey, no need to wait that long for a glimpse of the magic! I'll send you a sneak peek the day after the wedding to keep the excitement going! So get ready to relive those beautiful moments real soon!

What can I expect during a photo session?

My regular photo session typically runs for about an hour. During that time, I'm all about capturing the real you and your loved ones, just being yourselves, like those candid moments when nobody's watching. You know, raw emotions and genuine vibes! I'll make sure to get a couple of pics that are totally Christmas card material, haha! But most of the shots will be unposed and totally natural. It's all about those authentic, heartfelt moments that truly tell your story!

What should I wear for the photo session?

When it comes to the style, I'm totally into earthy tones, and that's what I usually suggest to my clients. No logos or wild patterns, and if we can, let's avoid that "everyone matching" look. Once you book with me, I'll hook you up with a handy What to Wear guide. It's got all the tips and links to outfits that perfectly fit the vibe we're going for! So, we'll make sure you look absolutely amazing in those photos!

Do I get a print release? Can I order prints or albums through your website?

I always provide my clients with the print release, so you have the freedom to print the pictures on your own if you wish. But, let me tell you, for top-notch quality, I highly recommend printing your pictures and albums with me. you can easily order prints in the gallery I will send you and get everything just perfect! Let's make sure your photos look absolutely stunning, shall we?

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